The Importance Of Sanskrit

Sanskrit is widely recognized as the mother of all languages and is the most ancient language of India. Even though Sanskrit is not as widely spoken today as it was in the ancient times, its importance and contribution to human civilization remains undebated. This beautiful language is still taught in some schools across India and abroad. Sanskrit grammar offers a beautifully clear structure and mastering it helps in learning other languages easily due to its Indo-European roots. The language now holds potential for future use as research is being conducted to establish its relevance in modern times.

Ever since the olden days, numerous scholars and philosophers have used Sanskrit to convey their thoughts and research thus passing on the treasure trove of vast knowledge to the future generations. Poems and writers have made beautiful pieces of art using Sanskrit. Be it Panini, the great scholar and father of Sanskrit or Kalhana who composed Kavya Rajtarangini, great artists like these have helped Sanskrit retain its glory throughout ages.

In the present time Sanskrit has started regaining its lost momentum back due to its logical structure and has now started to get recognized as a scientific language. According to some scientists at NASA, Sanskrit would be useful in the field of computers since the words are written exactly in the manner that they are thought of. It has lots of potential in the field of Science, thus indicating the possibility to open a whole new area of research due to its unchanging syntax.

Some of the world’s oldest texts such as the Vedas and Puranas have been written in Sanskrit, thus becoming an integral part of Hinduism, the oldest religion in the world. Even more remarkable would be the fact that Sanskrit beat many other languages that got extinct with the passage of time and manages to retain its position as one of the official languages of India. More so villages like Mattur in Shimoga have its residents conversing in Sanskrit in their day to day life.

Thus its would be an understatement to say that Sanskrit is an important language due to the sheer number of texts available in the fields of Science, Arts etc.. The very fact that it has survived for thousands of years and still continues to awe people due to its mysterious origins, exotic vibes, beautiful vocabulary yet simple structure is quite commendable. As rightly said, among all the languages, the language of Gods- Sanskrit is sweet in that the poetry is beautiful and its core consists of quotes. Hence Sanskrit is important not only as a language but also because of the plethora of spiritual, scientific knowledge available to us due to its presence and use.

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